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Teaching, Assessing and Reporting Practices


Each Domain in the Australian Curriculum is interrelated and informs and supports each other. While the amount of time devoted to each subject may vary, each is of equal importance.

Teachers use the Australian Curriculum content and achievement standards first to identify current levels of learning and achievement and then to select the most appropriate content to integrate and challenge their students with a variety of learning potential. This takes into account that in each class there may be students with a range of prior achievement and that teachers plan thoroughly to build on current learning.

Teachers use the AusVELS achievement standards to make balanced judgments about the quality of learning demonstrated by the students. They observe whether students are achieving below, at or above the desired progression points. To make these judgments, teachers draw on assessment data that they have collected as evidence during the course of the teaching period. These judgments about the quality of learning are one source of feedback to students and their parents and inform formal reporting processes.

If a teacher judges that a student's achievement is below the expected standard, the teaching programmes and practice are reviewed to better assist individual students to be successful learners. Additional support and targeted teaching are employed to ensure that our students do not fall behind. Collaborative measures are facilitated between teachers, parents and students for best possible development.

Assessment of the Australian Curriculum takes place in different levels and for different purposes, including:

Ongoing anecdotal assessment within classrooms for the purposes of monitoring learning and providing feedback.
Formative and Summative assessment for the purposes of twice-yearly reporting by schools to parents and carers.
Annual testing of Years 3, 5 and 7 levels of achievement in aspects of literacy and numeracy, conducted as part of the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).
Periodic diagnostic testing of all students for specific learning areas.

Reporting - Informal

MNS-B seeks to provide quality reporting to ensure meaningful communication about student achievement. We are committed to providing you with a variety of reports that collectively provides your child and you, as parents, with quality reports that celebrate your child's strengths and successes while providing a focus for meeting their future needs.

Student Reporting – Formal

Student reports are provided at the end of each Semester and contain information regarding their achievements throughout the semester. They reflect the extent to which students demonstrate knowledge, processes skills and attitude in set tasks.

Student reports cover the eight Key Learning Areas as well as any extra curricula activities and behaviour. You are invited to a parent-teacher-student sharing time when the report card can be discussed together, and where the students share some of the highlights of their work.

Year 3 and 5 National Reporting

National Literacy and Numeracy testing occurs in the first week of June for Years 3 and 5 students. This test is formal in nature and is independently marked and collated. Parents will receive a computer generated report with student results the following year.

Diagnostic Reporting

All students are given a series of Diagnostic Tests twice per year to ensure growth. We will extend an invitation to you to discuss your child's progress with their teacher. At this meeting, the teacher will show you your child's Individual Student Profile that contains detailed information about your child's development.

If your child is identified as having serious difficulties with any of the areas, educators may request you to provide additional support for your child's learning for a set period of time.

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