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  • 論文
    論文題目 作者 發表年度 刊物名稱
    SN 2017cfd: A Normal Type Ia Supernova Discovered Very Young 韓旭輝;王競,魏建彥,辛立平 2020 the Astrophysical Journal
    LAMOST J040643.69+542347.8: The Fastest Rotator in the Galaxy 李廣偉 2020 Astrophysical Journal Letters
    Two New Rapidly Rotating ON Stars Found with LAMOST 李廣偉 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    Jet Properties of Compact Steep-spectrum Sources and an Eddington-ratio-driven Unification Scheme of Jet Radiation in Active Galactic Nuclei 張晉 2020 The Astrophysical Journal
    A kpc-scale-resolved study of unobscured and obscured star formation activity in normal galaxies at z = 1.5 and 2.2 from ALMA and HiZELS 程誠;黃家聲 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    ALMA [ N II ] 205μm Imaging Spectroscopy of the Lensed Submillimeter Galaxy ID 141 at Redshift 4.24 程誠;曹天文,戴昱,黃家聲,王春香,ZHONGWANG,朱磊,李然,XU CONG KEVIN 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    The atomic gas of star-forming galaxies at z ~0.05 as revealed by the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope 程誠;曹天文,黃家聲,何川,李子建,徐海,戴昱,邵旭,MUSIN MARAT,杜薇 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    UV and NIR size of the low-mass field galaxies: the UV compact galaxies 程誠;黃家聲,戴昱,XU CONG KEVIN,杜薇,邵旭,吳淑梅 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    Optical and Near-infrared Observations of the Nearby SN Ia 2017cbv 王靈芝;于立鑫 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    A Large Massive Quiescent Galaxy Sample at z ~ 1.2 徐海;戴昱,黃家聲,程誠,邵旭,吳淑梅 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    Galaxy optical variability of Virgo cluster: new tracer for environmental influences on galaxies 楊帆;單素素,劉繼峰 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    A Catalog of Short Period Spectroscopic and Eclipsing Binaries Identified from the LAMOST and PTF Surveys 楊帆;劉繼峰,單素素,白宇,白仲瑞,崔開明,王松 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES
    Stellar X-Ray Activity Across the Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram. I. Catalogs 王松;白宇,劉繼峰 2020 Astrophysical Journal
    Distances to the supernova remnants in the inner disk 王舒;陳孝鈿,劉繼峰 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    KIC 12268220: A δ Scuti Pulsating Star and an Active Protohelium White Dwarf in an Eclipsing Binary System 崔開明;高清,任娟娟,張君波,劉繼峰 2020 Astrophysical Journal
    Phase-dependent Study of Near-infrared Disk Emission Lines in LB-1 劉繼峰;張昊彤,陸由俊,王松 2020 Astrophysical Journal
    Machine-learning Regression of Extinction in the Second Gaia Data Release 白宇;劉繼峰,王逸倫,王松 2020 The Astronomical Journal
    基于GPU的小行星光學觀測圖像實時處理 兀穎;葛亮,盧曉猛,田健峰,王匯娟,姜曉軍 2020 光學精密工程
    The Faint Optical Counterparts Catalog at 19.4 < r < 22 mag from Herschel-ATLAS SDP Field 趙品松 2020 PUBLICATIONS OF THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE PACIFIC
    Evolution of lithium in low-mass giants: an observational perspective BHARATKUMARYERRA 2020 Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
    Two Portions of the Sagittarius Stream in the LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area at the Southern Galactic Cap 趙景昆;葉先豪,吳宏,薛香香,陳玉琴,張嘉俊,趙剛 2020 The Astrophysical Journal
    Measuring and characterizing the line profile of HARPS with a laser frequency comb 趙斐;趙剛 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    Local Group Analogs in ΛCDM Cosmological Simulations 翟萌;郭琦,趙剛,谷青 2020 The Astrophysical Journal
    Impact of the convective mixing-length parameter α on stellar metallicity 宋楠;Alexeeva, S.,趙剛 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    Open clusters as tracers on radial migration of the galactic disc 陳玉琴;趙剛 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    A New Moving Group in the Local Arm 梁熙龍;趙景昆,陳玉琴,房祥松,葉先豪,張嘉俊,趙剛 2020 The Astronomical Journal
    The Rotation Curve, Mass Distribution, and Dark Matter Content of the Milky Way from Classical Cepheids 依明阿吉·阿卜力米提;趙剛,SARAHANNBIRD 2020 The Astrophysical Journal Letters
    Neon Abundances of B Stars in the Solar Neighborhood Sofya Alexeeva;趙剛 2020 The Astrophysical Journal
    Influence of the convective mixing-length parameter α on the chemical abundances in the case of metal-poor giant HD 122563 宋楠;ALEXEEVA SOFYA,趙剛 2020 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Statistical relations between stellar spectral and luminosity classes and stellar effective temperature and surface gravity Oleg Malkov;趙剛 2020 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics
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