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  • 論文
    論文題目 作者 發表年度 刊物名稱
    A New Approach for the Regression of the Center Coordinates and Radius of the Solar Disk Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network 祝高飛;林鋼華,王東光,楊瀟 2020 The Astrophysical Journal
    A New Comprehensive Data Set of Solar Filaments of 100 yr Interval. I 林鋼華;祝高飛,楊瀟,宋永亮,張枚,劉鎖,王曉帆,蘇江濤 2020 Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
    A Non-Linear Magnetic Field Calibration Method for Filter-Based Magnetographs by Multilayer Perceptron 郭晶晶;白先勇,鄧元勇,林佳本,蘇江濤,楊瀟 2020 Solar Physics
    太陽磁場探測現狀與展望 鄧元勇;顏毅華,楊尚斌,白先勇,侯俊峰,陳潔 2020 紅外與激光工程
    Formation of Two Homologous Transequatorial Loops 陳潔;蘇江濤,鄧元勇,楊尚斌,宋永亮 2020 Solar Physics
    Discovery of a new supernova remnant G21.8-3.0 高旭陽;侯立剛,韓金林 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Search for Zeeman-splitting of OH 6.035 GHz line in the young planetary nebula K 3-35 侯立剛;高旭陽 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Nucleonic Direct Urca Processes and Cooling of the Massive Neutron Star by Antikaon Condensations 許妍;韓金林 2020 Advances in Astronomy
    Dynamical state for 964 galaxy clusters from Chandra X-ray images 袁中升;韓金林 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Jiamusi pulsar observations. III. Nulling of 20 pulsars 王鵬飛;徐鈞,高旭陽,洪濤,侯立剛,韓金林,王陳,王濤,陳雪,周德江 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    Seeds of Life in Space (SOLIS). IX. Chemical Segregation of SO2 and SO toward the Low-mass Protostellar Shocked Region of L1157 馮思軼 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    Hyperfine group ratio: a recipe for deriving kinetic temperature from the ammonia inversion lines 王珅;任致遠,李菂,石惠 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Filament intersections and cold dense cores in Orion A North 張超;岳楠楠,羅干,謝津津,焦斯汗,劉姝,任致遠,吳京文,李菂,朱磊 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Supermassive binary black hole evolution can be traced by a small SKA pulsar timing array 馮毅;李菂,鄭征,蔡肇偉 2020 Physical Review D
    Rotation of Two Micron All Sky Survey Clumps in Molecular Clouds 徐雪芳;李菂,戴昱 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    Applying saliency-map analysis in searches for pulsars and fast radio bursts 張超;朱煒瑋,任致遠,李菂,吳京文,潘之辰 2020 ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS
    The Chemical Structure of Young High-mass Star-forming Clumps. II. Parsec-scale CO Depletion and Deuterium Fraction of HCO+ 馮思軼;李菂,袁敬華 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    Unveiling the Importance of Magnetic Fields in the Evolution of Dense Clumps Formed at the Waist of Bipolar H II Regions A Case Study of Sh 2-201 with JCMT SCUBA-2POL-2 CHAKALIESWARAIAH;李菂,慶道沖 2020 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
    Opportunities to search for extraterrestrial intelligence with the FAST 李菂;牛晨輝,王培,張志嵩,張海燕,岳友嶺,朱巖,金乘進 2020 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    FAST interstellar scintillation observation of PSR B1929+10 and PSR B1842+14 姚菊枚;朱煒瑋,王培,李菂,盧吉光,寇菲菲,俞業釗,彭勃 2020 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    The design of China Reconfigurable ANalog-digital backEnd for FAST 張馨心;段然,李菂,湯寧宇,慶道沖 2020 Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    An in-depth investigation of 11 pulsars discovered by FAST Andrew Cameron;馮毅,韓金林,牛佳瑞,潘之辰,錢磊,陶振釗,王培,李菂,岳友嶺 2020 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Independent Core Rotation in Massive Filaments in Orion 徐雪芳;李菂,戴昱,岳楠楠 2020 Astrophysical Journal Letters
    Revealing the CO X-factor in Dark Molecular Gas through Sensitive ALMA Absorption Observations 羅干;李菂,湯寧宇 2020 Astrophysical Journal Letters
    Optimal Probabilistic Catalogue Matching for Radio Sources 樊東衛 2020 MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY
    Towards an astronomical science platform: Experiences and lessons learned from Chinese Virtual Observatory 崔辰州;許允飛,韓軍,楊絲絲,陶一寒,李長華,樊東衛,肖健,何勃亮,李珊珊 2020 Astronomy and Computing
    IVOA HiPS Implementation in the Framework of WorldWide Telescope 許允飛;陶一寒,楊絲絲,崔辰州,樊東衛,李珊珊,李長華,韓軍,米琳瑩,何勃亮 2020 Astronomy and Computing
    GWOPS: A VO-technology driven tool to search for the electromagnetic counterpart of gravitational wave event 許允飛;李珊珊,何勃亮,陶一寒,楊涵溪,楊絲絲,徐棟,崔辰州,樊東衛,朱子佩 2020 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
    Preliminarily study of Saturn’s upper atmosphere density by observing Cassini plunging via China’s deep space station 陳略;平勁松,曹建峰,王明遠,李文瀟,韓松濤,孫靖 2020 RESEARCH IN ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS
    Promoting Earth-Based Radar Astronomical Observations of the Moon 孫靖平勁松;平勁松 2020 sensors
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